External Advisors

Kevin Thompson, Outside Counsel

Kevin Thompson is one of the most sought after MLM attorneys in the country in the direct sales industry. Named as one of the most influential people in direct sales, Kevin Thompson has extensive experience and helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing. As a DSA supplier member, Kevin Thompson is actively involved in the industry to help steer it into a better future.

As one of the founding partners of Thompson Burton PLLC, Kevin has helped the firm grow from two attorneys to fifteen in the short span of two years. By focusing on leadership development and company culture, Thompson Burton was selected as the "Support Company of the Year" in 2014 by the Academy of Multilevel Marketing.

Kevin is a leader and prolific contributor in the network marketing community. Kevin frequently meets with media and investment advisors to explain the legal nuances associated with the industry, with CNBC, Barclay’s Capital, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg being some of the more recent. He has served as a keynote speaker at multiple conferences throughout the world, including locations in Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai.

Prior to practicing law, Kevin earned all-American honors in Track and Field in 2002. As a decathlete, he learned the value of persistence, perseverance and discipline. Kevin Thompson is a proud husband and father of four children (all under the age of 8!).

Disclaimer: As outside counsel, Kevin Thompson is not in a position to endorse any of his clients. Legality hinges on factors beyond a lawyer's control.

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