Where & when did Mega originate?
Internet business first started in 1999 when Michael Cheng, our founder, registered a company in Hong Kong to sell websites. Mega Holding Ltd. was incorporated in the Labuan Financial Services Centre, Malaysia on October 20, 2004.

Who heads Mega?
Mega is headed by a Board of Directors chaired by Michael Cheng, a world-renowned network specialist, a maverick entrepreneur, a businessman, a great mathematician & mentor.


Is Mega's business concept in full compliance with the law?
Currently, Mega is incorporated in Hong Kong and has its headquarters there. Mega is also incorporated as an international company in the UAE (Dubai) with a bank account in Dubai and conducts its business world-wide via the Internet. Customers purchase services/products directly from Mega. Purchasing online Website Builder & hosting services/products and receiving these services online are definitely legal.

When a customer promotes and secures sales for Mega, he earns a commission from such action. It is the same as word-of-mouth advertising to sell company’s products. The services/products are fairly priced compared to those of the same specifications and quality sold by other competitor companies. There is no additional cost for participation in the Mega Customer Reward Program. The commission we pay to our customers is for their service in securing the sales. Such payment is perfectly legal.

Mega is a proud Corporate Member of MLMIA(Multi-Level Marketing International Association) based in the USA with a world- renowned reputation & high integrity. Mega adheres to its internationally recognized MLM principles & Code of Ethics.

Who is responsible for tax payment?
Any tax due in a customer's home country on receipt of Mega commissions or bonuses is the responsibility of the customer.