Q1. What is the registration process?
A1. It consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Purchase the Activation Key from the Country Agent/Agent who will register you. It costs $6 each. Activation Key is specific for use for registration in a specific country only.
  • Activate the Activation Key with the chosen ECD website hosting package to generate the Activation Code. To activate, the ECD 2-year package requires $588 + 2 Activation Keys.
  • Use the Activation Code to purchase/register the chosen ECD website hosting package.

You are now ready to access your account and use the “ECD Website Builder” to build your website.
(Note: Usually, the 3 steps are done by the Agency together to help you get started fast.)

Q2. Are there other payments to be made?
A2. Different countries have different tax laws to observe. In some countries, VAT or Sales Tax and Income Tax are payable. Please follow the advice of the Country Agent.

Q3. What is an Activation Key?
A3. An Activation Key is the starter key (or passport) that you need to purchase ($6 per Activation Key) from the Country Agent/Agent to activate your ECD web hosting account package.

Q4. What is an Activation Code?
A4. An Activation Code is a numerical number with a letter to denote the country code and product package generated after you have activated your ECD website hosting package.
The Activation Code can then be used to purchase the ECD website hosting package. .

Q5. Where can I buy the Activation Keys?
A5. The Country Agent is responsible for selling the Activation Keys. Once you have started the business, you can also buy the Activation Keys from your uplines.