Q1: Who may complain about illegal activities carried out by others?
A1: Any customer distributor can complain against anyone else about illegal activities, such as defrauding or cheating other customers or would-be customers, receiving payment from others without registering the new purchase/customer, unauthorized transferring of other customers’ fund, misrepresentation, misappropriation, complaint of insufficient support from the genealogy upline, etc.
Once Customer Support has received the complaint, in serious cases of misconduct, immediate action may be taken to suspend or disable some features of the account pending investigation to determine the truth. Appropriate disciplinary actions including termination of the account may be taken.

Q2: Who may complain against the direct sponsor upline for not providing sufficient support?
A2: In the first instance where the direct sponsor downline is not 100% satisfied with the product training given by the direct sponsor upline, he/she has the right not to confirm that satisfactory product training has been received.
Subsequently, a direct sponsor downline may complain against the direct introducer for not providing sufficient business training support. Once the company has received the complaint, investigation will be carried out to determine the truth. Appropriate disciplinary actions including suspension or removal of the distributorship account will be carried out accordingly.