My Virtual Office & Account Expiry

What is My Virtual Office?
It is a real-time, on-line tool created by Mega's IT professionals to help you manage your account with the company. It can be accessed at any time via internet, from anywhere, to organize your commissions, do redemption and transfers, and update your profile. You can also use it to communicate with Mega office personnel should you need their support.

What is a Business Account?
A Business Account is a complimentary account given to you at the time of your purchase to facilitate those who also opt/wish to become an Independent Business Owner(IBO). You must create a name for your account, and Mega has a standard procedure by which you do so: Each Business Account name can have any number of characters (alpha-numeric) up to a maximum total of 15. The BA created shall be your permanent BA to designate your group of Business Centres.

Commission payment and all correspondence are sent only to the owner. The owner's particulars and preferences are stored in a Personal Profile file that can be updated at any time via the Internet.

What is a Business Center?
A Business Centre is designed for you to monitor your sales activities and those of the down-lines you introduce. You can access it at all times.

What is a Business Account login?
When you click on My Virtual Office, you are prompted to key in your User name and log in Password. This is your own choice of name that you select when you sign up.

Can I request a BC password on behalf of another member?
No. Mega only reveals the security account number and security account password if there is a request by email or fax from the Profile BA owner, using the standard Request Form for Change of Ownership /Email Address.


Why must I do an Activation Code sign up?
Your Activation Code is essential for you to access your Virtual Office for the first time. This is the passport to your account. You will be asked to create a PIN for future access.

What is PIN login?
Subsequent login requires a Personal Identity No.(PIN) to access your Virtual Office.

How long does the Mega Web Hosting Service last?
Each Mega Web Hosting Service Package is for a period of two years. It will expire on the expiry date of two years, unless renewal is made before the expiry date. During the validity period, the designated customer has full right to enjoy all the web hosting facilities offered under the Terms and Conditions of the web hosting Product Package.

When will the expired account be deleted from the company’s database?
If the account is not renewed within 12 months after the expiry date, the account will be permanently deleted from our database.

Is there an automatic renewal process in place and how does it work?

No, we do not have an automatic renewal process. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to renew his/her account before the expiry date, preferably at least 7 days before expiry to avoid unforeseen circumstances which may cause an interruption to the hosting service.