Q1.What do I need to do to purchase a Mega product for my use?
A1. If you are a resident from a country with an appointed country agent, you must contact the country agent to purchase the Mega product. Currently, these countries include Turkey, Germany and EU countries, Albania and others.
If you are a resident in a country where there is no appointed country agent, you may either choose to purchase by using Activation Key/Activation Code (which can be purchased from your Sponsor/Agent) or by using PayPal payment method. (Click the chosen icon under ‘Purchase’).

Q2: How do I purchase the Activation Code?
A2: You need to purchase the Activation Key from an Agent or your Sponsor at US$6 each. Two (2) Activation Keys + 588 Registered Point Value can enable you to purchase one (1) Mega Product Activation Code.

Q3.Where do I get my training to use the ECD web builder?
A3. Your sponsor is responsible to train you one-on-one on the Mega product use until you are fully capable to build your own website and until you have confirmed to Mega that you are fully satisfied with the training you have received. It can be quite fast. You can also follow the ECD Web Builder Tutorials in your virtual office to teach yourself on product use. Explore! You will soon discover how easy it is!

Q4. What do I need to do if I also wish to become a Mega distributor?
A4. Following the answer A2 above, once you have mastered the product use skill, you may then choose to sponsor 2 purchases and become a Mega distributor to earn bonuses/commissions. A one-time US$20 Distributor Fee will be deducted from your account.

Q5: Is there any cooling-off period?
A5: By default, 14 days cooling-off period applies to all countries.

Q6: Can I void/waive the cooling-off period?
A6: Voiding/waiving the cooling-off period is allowed in some countries. Just login to member area and click void cooling period.

Q7: When can I receive my Sponsor Bonus and Step Bonus?
A7: The next day after the 14 days cooling-off period or after your downline has voided/waived the cooling-off period. However, your Sponsor Bonus will be withheld until your downline clicks to confirm he/she is fully satisfied with the product training received.

Q8. Do I need to pay any VAT for purchasing your product? If so, how is it paid?
A8. Currently in Turkey and Albania, a (VAT Value Added Tax) is collected by the Country Agent and paid to the government. In some other countries, there is no such levy. It depends on the country’s tax requirements which often vary from country to country.

Q9. Do I need to pay income tax on the Bonus I earn for the sales I make?
A9. There are specific regulations in some countries such as Turkey and Albania requiring income tax at source to be deducted and paid to the government. Other countries usually make it a personal responsibility of the individual tax-payer to pay their income tax as required by laws. Requirement may vary from country to country.

Q10. Do I have to pay income tax on the Sponsor Bonus for sponsoring sales?
A10. Sponsor Bonus also attracts income tax requirement as in A5 above.

Q11. How do I make payment to Mega account?
A11. Please follow the payment instructions strictly under “Payment” in your virtual office. Failure to follow the instructions correctly or providing wrong or incomplete information may result in the banks rejecting your remittance, resulting loss of fund to the remitter.

Q12. Can I send payment to Mega Account in Hong Kong or Dubai?
A12. It is preferred that you remit fund to Mega account in Hong Kong. However, you may remit fund to either the Mega account in Hong Kong or in Dubai for convenience.