The purpose of adopting the Mega ECD Website Builder is to enable the creation of a website by anyone without prior IT technical training, knowledge or skills.

  • Mega delivers ready-to-build websites. With simple drag and drop actions, the product can automatically generate professional websites with hundreds of customized theme designs that are tailored to meet user needs. There is no necessity to learn how to write complicated codes or to engage a web designer to do it for you.

  • Simply choose your category and theme, add your content and publish. Go live with just one click. Say good-bye to FTP clients, slow and unreliable web hosts. With just a push of the button your personalized website is published to a world-class platform.

  • The website created will have the essential applications without the need for complicated set-up procedures and configurations.

  • It is developed with a view to prevent hacking by unscrupulous hackers even though you are a new user. Nowadays, it is a common experience for websites to be hacked.

  • We provide one-to-one training even in your own language worldwide. Normally, a friend who introduces this product to you will be able to speak your language. The multi-level one-to-one training is the best solution to make everyone familiar with our product regardless of where you live on earth.

  • We use the best resources available in the market:
    A. Video streaming through YouTube.
    B. File storage through Dropbox. (Millions of users have tested it and it is a proven 1st
    C. Online payment through PayPal. (The less fraud and most reliable online payment gateway available.)

  • Our quality product development is unique and has no comparison in the market.

  • That is why our price is reasonable and our business model gives everyone an equal opportunity to become an Independent Business Agent, to work from home. If he/she is diligent and committed enough, he/she can earn a substantial stream of income.

Therefore, THINK POSITIVELY now and ACT fast. The world will soon come to you!

Michael Cheng - Founder