New Webmail Collaboration System

Experience the whole new experience of Mail service from Website Easy Builder Webmail service with impressive webmail, mobile web mail interface, anti-spam, collaboration service and other features.

New Mobile Webmail

New mobile webmail client designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets. The mobile webmail client is light-weight and has support for swipe scrolling.

The mobile client also allows you to automatically login, so you can access your inbox and contacts quickly.

You can also tile the screens so they are readily available on your mobile device.

Appointment Scheduling & Invitations

Calendaring integration is one importantadvantage of new Website Easy Builder Webmail. Youcan schedule a meeting with the office, and they willreceive an invitation in their inbox. They then have the optionto deny your invitation, suggest another time that suits thembetter, or accept, in which case the appointment isimmediately added in to their calendar.

From your meeting invitation in your calendar, you can trackthe responses of the participants you sent invitations to. Seehow many people you are expecting, and whether a criticalperson is unable to attend so you can reschedule ifnecessary.

HTML Editing & Viewing

View or edit HTML emails in Webmail to add color and expression to your email.


Webmail Calendar allows you to manage your appointments via drag & drop and inline editing. It also supports calendar overlays to allow simultaneous viewing (side-by-side) of shared calendars.

Multilingual Capabilities & Spell Checking

Webmail supports the following languages - English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Other languages are supported by a translation utility.

Webmail also supports spell checking in multiple languages.

Contacts & Groups

Webmail provides the ability to manage all your contacts and groups in your web browser, just as you would with standard email clients. You can add/delete contacts, or import existing contacts from other email clients like Outlook, as CSV files.

Send Contact as vCard Attachment

Users can now send a contact card from contacts in their Address Book.

A simple right-click on a contact allows the option to send the contact as a vCard. This will then open up the compose screen, and a new message will be created automatically containing the vCard as an attachment, and ready to be sent.

Tasks & Notes

Manage your projects & daily tasks by documenting them in Webmail Tasks. Track each task by inputting start and due dates, importance and sensitivity. You can easily update statuses and monitor percentage of completion of tasks.

Device Aware

Webmail is also device-aware, and will optimize its interface to better suit the client browser. The Webmail application attempts to detect touch-screen clients (like the Apple iPhone and iPad), and will adapt its interface to adjust resolution and change its scroll behavior.

Export Contacts

Users can now export all their contacts as a CSV file (Outlook compatible format) with a simple click of a button. Extra contact fields are also supported for imports.

Inline YouTube Player

When users receive messages that contain YouTube video links, Webmail will detect these links, then automatically create selectable thumbnail previews. Users can then click on these thumbnail links, and play the video right there in the message body!

Webmail's embedded YouTube Player integrates full video control, including play, pause, adjust volume, view in full screen buttons.

MP3 Media Player

Webmail has been enhanced to allow interactive inline streaming of audio files (MP3''s). Messages containing MP3 file attachments can now be previewed and streamed instantaneously within the Webmail client.

The MP3 Media Player will stay appeared on an unobtrusive position in Webmail, to allow the user to multitask and continue doing other activities in Webmail whilst listening to MP3''s, such as viewing/composing messages, create appointments, contacts, and tasks.

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